Some New Changes at the Hill

It’s finally December, Mt. Creek has finally opened and even though its relatively early in the season the mountain is off to a good start. Loon, located in NH has been open for over a month and according to one of my friends who is currently attending college in NH(Plymouth State University) said that Mt. Creek from the looks of it is in better shape opening day than Loon after a full month of operation. This could be attributed to a few things. Mt. Creek originally owned by Intrawest is now owned by its original own Mulvihill and more assets are being dumped into the mountain than ever before. With the added money, snow making, JibLab and other mountain operations are able to work faster and spend more money to open up quicker than ever before. Another plus is the cold and dry weather Northwestern NJ has experienced over the past few weeks. With temperatures staying at or below freezing in the day time snow making has become a 24 hour phenomenon. Major changes have also occurred to the over all structure of mountain operations. Last season there was one person in charge of 95% of mountain operations at South(primarily a terrain park bringing 60% of Mt. Creeks revenue).

This season new departments have been made and new positions have been filled.
Currently there are five new positions:

  • Parks and Pipes(Terrain Park Maintenance)
  • Snow Making
  • Park Builds(Park Construction and Maintenance)
  • Switch Academy(Beginner Park Riders Education)
  • JibLab(Building and Construction of new Park Features)

With this new setup there is less stress being put on one person, this equals shorter hours(no all nighters) and a smaller work load. This season is already turning out to be better than previous years and its only the beginning.

On a side note, Mountain Creek also has a nice new updated website

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Killington’s Website Has a Cool New Feature

Because I am stay on the skiing topic I wanted share with you a relatively new feature that is both applicable for not only my Website Development class but also for those ski junkies out there. Killington’s newest addition to their website is the Webcam feature.

Here is the link to Killington’s Live Webcam

This is great way to stay up to date on mountain conditions as well as get excited for a fun ski trip.

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The Season Has Begun

The 2010/2011 ski season has finally started far north and is slowly creeping down the east coast. On 10/22/2010 Sunday River Resort in Maine opened up for the season, it was the first resort in the entire country to open. While the west coast has experienced above average temperatures the east coast has been 10 to 15 degrees cooler than normal, allowing east coast resorts to open earlier then ever. On 11/02/2010 Killington Resort will be opening up to the public. With more resorts opening up within the next few weeks some decisions need to be made. Is traveling to a closer resort with higher priced lift tickets make more sense than, traveling to a more distant but less expensive resort.

Lift Ticket Prices:

  • Killington, VT: $50
  • Sunday River, ME: $25


  • Killington, VT: 250mi approx. 5hrs
  • Sunday River, ME: 430mi approx. 8hrs

Right now both resorts have their pluses and minuses between their current setups:

Killington, VT

  1. Shorter distance but a much higher lift ticket cost than Sunday River
  2. Has a great rail setup
  3. Currently have to walk up mountain to upper lift to ride
  4. Can make a day trip out of it

Sunday River, ME

  1. Far ride = Lots of gas money and miles on the car
  2. Hard to make it a day trip
  3. New mountain which would be fun
  4. Less expensive lift ticket which would offset gas costs

Can’t make up my mind, but one thing is for sure, I am going skiing this weekend.

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Staying Active

Since 2008 the knee brace has become a part of my body and my life.  Whether it be skiing, longboarding, or sports of any kind both of my braces come with me.  Currently I use two braces, one for each knee.  I own a DonJoy Defiance II and Defiance III.  These braces have given me my life back, and have given me the confidence to continue sports and to stay active.  Without these braces I would not be able to participate in old activities and certainly not to the extent I do today.  The chance of re-injury without the use of braces is very high, and due to the use of these braces recovery time has gone from 12-18 months to a mere 6 months.  I am very happy with both braces, they are both very durable.  Both defiance braces are assembled with using carbon fiber parts which makes them very strong, and able to withstand massive impacts.  DonJoy’s line of knee braces has allowed me to continue my life like my injuries had never happened.

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Ebay is by far one of the best businesses ever created. Recently I have been selling a lot of old items I forgot I owned or haven’t used in years. In a way it feels like your making free money. Its not really a place to get rich but in these hard economic times Ebay is a great resource to use in order to make some extra money on the side.

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Credit Cards Are Terrible… Unless You Have Money

The title says it all. At first getting a credit card seemed like a great idea. I used only when I needed it and payed it off immediately. When I first obtained my credit card I had a low spending limit of $200 which was easy to pay off. After 8 months of using the card they increased my spending limit but refused to lower the interest rate. Now with a higher spending limit I seem to get my self into deeper debt more often. Its hard to say no to going out and doing something now even if my available funds are low because I have Capitalone to constantly lend me money. With my work becoming less and less I am starting to really regret getting a credit card. Originally I got the credit card to build up my credit score. But now the card is becoming more of a burden than a useful way to build up a good credit score.

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Coming Back From An Injury

Recovering after surgery is a difficult experience. Most people think that the pain is the hardest part to manage after a major injury during recovery, but by far the most difficult part of recovery is the mental aspect and the fear of re-injury. Blowing out my left and right knee skiing over the past 3 years has had major effect on my life. Not only was the injury somewhat painful, but immobilizing. Generally after reconstructive surgery crutches are required for only two weeks. But due to the fact I tore my miniscus as well I had to be on crutches for 6 weeks. Crutches in the winter in the snow are no fun. I am now finally cleared to go back to full activity but the thought of going through the ordeal for the 3rd time makes me thing. Is having fun skiing and participating in various other activities worth it? Yes.

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