Staying Active

Since 2008 the knee brace has become a part of my body and my life.  Whether it be skiing, longboarding, or sports of any kind both of my braces come with me.  Currently I use two braces, one for each knee.  I own a DonJoy Defiance II and Defiance III.  These braces have given me my life back, and have given me the confidence to continue sports and to stay active.  Without these braces I would not be able to participate in old activities and certainly not to the extent I do today.  The chance of re-injury without the use of braces is very high, and due to the use of these braces recovery time has gone from 12-18 months to a mere 6 months.  I am very happy with both braces, they are both very durable.  Both defiance braces are assembled with using carbon fiber parts which makes them very strong, and able to withstand massive impacts.  DonJoy’s line of knee braces has allowed me to continue my life like my injuries had never happened.

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3 Responses to Staying Active

  1. Very cool. I often need to wear a knee brace but both of mine are very troublesome. How did you hear about these and where did you get them? Please tell me more, I am very curious.

    • davelappert says:

      Well after my injuries I went to an orthopedic surgeon who recommended that I buy sports braces to return to full activity. DonJoy just happened to be the first option I came across so I went with them. Both of my braces are custom to my legs. A DonJoy representative has a device they use to measure the knee and leg and they built a brace from those specifications.

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