Some New Changes at the Hill

It’s finally December, Mt. Creek has finally opened and even though its relatively early in the season the mountain is off to a good start. Loon, located in NH has been open for over a month and according to one of my friends who is currently attending college in NH(Plymouth State University) said that Mt. Creek from the looks of it is in better shape opening day than Loon after a full month of operation. This could be attributed to a few things. Mt. Creek originally owned by Intrawest is now owned by its original own Mulvihill and more assets are being dumped into the mountain than ever before. With the added money, snow making, JibLab and other mountain operations are able to work faster and spend more money to open up quicker than ever before. Another plus is the cold and dry weather Northwestern NJ has experienced over the past few weeks. With temperatures staying at or below freezing in the day time snow making has become a 24 hour phenomenon. Major changes have also occurred to the over all structure of mountain operations. Last season there was one person in charge of 95% of mountain operations at South(primarily a terrain park bringing 60% of Mt. Creeks revenue).

This season new departments have been made and new positions have been filled.
Currently there are five new positions:

  • Parks and Pipes(Terrain Park Maintenance)
  • Snow Making
  • Park Builds(Park Construction and Maintenance)
  • Switch Academy(Beginner Park Riders Education)
  • JibLab(Building and Construction of new Park Features)

With this new setup there is less stress being put on one person, this equals shorter hours(no all nighters) and a smaller work load. This season is already turning out to be better than previous years and its only the beginning.

On a side note, Mountain Creek also has a nice new updated website

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One Response to Some New Changes at the Hill

  1. denise says:

    Dave, sorry that your Mountain Creek link doesn’t work (nor does the Killington webcam.) your links should go to an external window or tab. Good amount of information and well presented.

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